Dip your toes into summer with actress Nina Hoss and our brand new Berlin guide. more

19 / 05 / 2016


This spring is all about sylvan style, with floral-themed fusions around every corner.

As the pollen count rises and the sunshiney season begins in earnest, flowers take centre stage, smoothing rough urban edges and bringing colour and beauty to shopping malls, fashion markets and showrooms.  Phyllis - Temporary Plant Thing, StuttgartThe title’s ironic lack of imagination is by no means a reflection of the content in this unique and inspiring installation. more

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05 / 05 / 2016


Our third installment of inspiring industry alliances features three innovative examples of digital-physical integration, as lines between the real and online worlds continue to dissolve.

28 / 04 / 2016


How parking apps and automotive tech are changing the urban landscape.

21 / 04 / 2016

The Power of Pop-Ups

The brands answering emerging demand for innovative real-world spaces. more

At this year’s Milan Design Week, aside from the usual interior and furniture, the automotive and fashion industries wer more

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18 / 04 / 2016


Integrating the physical and digital worlds was a key issue at the Design Week 2016. We've picked a few highlights.

As everywhere, digital was at the front and centre of Milan this year, and designers clearly jumped at the chance to think outside the physical box. These projects represent a selection of the most inspiring multimedia concepts from across the board.  The Smart Writing SetA new technology from Moleskine that lets you enjoy the physical pleasure of writing on paper, and the convenience of instant digitisation on a tablet. Seriously impressive.    „What’s the Matter? Design for a phygital world“An immersive exhibition from FRAME Magazine, exploring the future of the digital realm through experimental work by a selection of up-and-coming artists from a range of fields.  more

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12 / 04 / 2016

Luxury Locomotion: The Art of Slow Travel

In times when it can be tough to be in the moment, unrushed journeys are a true luxury. We help you choose your next trip.

Any traveller worth their salt will tell you the best trips are those where the journey itself has stretched out, taken unexpected turns and created opportune encounters. In an era of instant gratification, the lowly train voyage is something to be truly more

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01 / 04 / 2016


Our overview of Milan’s myriad happenings that run the gamut of design subthemes. more

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31 / 03 / 2016

Workplaces, Reimagined

Soaring stairwells, rooftop relaxation and floating desks. Welcome to the office of the future.

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24 / 03 / 2016

Keeping It Local: Amano Hotels GROUP

Amano co-founder Ariel Schiff on the secret to his hotel group’s success.