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The Bar Designer

Joyce Urbanus is making the nightlife in Amsterdam even more tempting: This graduate of Artemis Styling Academy is designing bars and clubs in the city – and is winning us over with her well thought-out concepts and unlimited creativity.

The Bar Designer

With her own design bureau “Concepts by Joe”, this multi-talent not only offers services in interior design but also in the areas of fashion, graphic design and events.


Joyce, what is the main challenge when designing a bar or a club?

Every new bar is the hottest place to be – but only temporarily, for a few weeks. Therefore, the greatest challenge when designing such spaces is to make them stand out for a longer time. It’s important to make people feel welcome. Adding soul and a unique character is the key. One shouldn’t be influenced by short-term trends.




What is the most extravagant project you’ve realized?

The suitcase wall in the Notting Hill Hotel in Amsterdam. I did this project for Hoopman Interior Projects. We collected around 100 vintage suitcases, cut each in half and covered a whole wall with them. It was a huge challenge because I had to puzzle all these suitcases of different shapes into the wall, and every inch had to fit exactly to make the whole picture look flawless and perfect. 



architect & designer Joyce Urbanus



The atmosphere at Bar 22






Suitcase wall at the Notting Hill Hotel in Amsterdam Joyce designed for Hoopman Interior


What are your favourite bars and clubs in terms of interior design?

Trouw Amsterdam – it’s very industrial, pretty rough and energetic.

Club NL – very authentic; sort of trashy chic and a bit Studio54. A great mix.

Lion Noir – really nice colours, materials and art. It is, in a way, very intimate and chic.


More of the interior projects of Joyce can be admired on her website.

19 / 06 / 2012 // by LigaStudios Team


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