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Fox Hotel

If you’re looking for an extraordinary hotel experience, Copenhagen’s Hotel Fox is a definite must. Not only in Scandinavia, but in all of Europe, the Fox will qualify as one of the most spectacular and unique hotels most worthy of a visit!

Fox Hotel

Initially, the Hotel Fox was conceived in 2005, as part of a majormarketing stunt by German car manufacturer Volkswagen in connection with the launch of their Fox-car. The so-called ProjectFox saw Copenhagen host more than 800 international journalists, as Volkswagen let a group of young and talented artists, chefs, designers, and musicians pervade the Danish capital – all as part of the unveiling of a vehicle.


Brøchner Hotels – the group behind Hotel Fox – took this as a welcome chance to decorate and conceptualize their hotel in a spectacular fashion, and after having only made sure that the hotel met the building codes, and supplied the building with WiFI and cable-tv, the Brøchner group put the hotel and their trust in the hands of the collaborating artists assembled by VW.




The hotel’s 61 rooms have been decorated individually by 21 different artist groups from all over the world, who were given carte blanche to do whatever their imagination allowed them to with the rooms, as long as they met three universal conditions: their work was to be non-pornographic, completely free from political statements, and every room had to have a bed. As long as these rules were met, the artists were absolutely free to explore their creativity, which resulted in a highly diverse experience depending on which room you stay in. So whether you’re into the modern romanticism of Birgit Amadori, the kitschy craziness of Benjamin Güdel, the minimalist cool of WK Interact or something completely different, odds are you will be able to find something to your liking at the Hotel Fox.


With the rooms delivering the major experience, you are not going to find too much surplus at the Fox, though. In fact, if gyms and swimming pools are musts for your hotel stay, you might want to opt for one of Copenhagen’s more traditional hotels, as Hotel Fox keeps the features very limited. A breakfast buffet, a lounge bar, and an in-house sushi joint is pretty much what there is apart from the standard wireless Internet and the possibility to rent bikes (which any self-respecting Copenhagen hotel should offer). They do have package solutions such as the Girls NightOut-package where a day at the nearby Helle Thorup spa-center is includeding the price, but generally, if it’s amenities and luxury in the conservative sense of the word you’re after, Hotel Fox would not be the obvious choice.


However if you want to give your creativity a boost,or simply just appreciate a spectacular and unique hotel stay, the Fox should be the safe bet next time you visit beautiful, old Copenhagen.







19 / 06 / 2012 // by Soren Romer


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