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Radio Restaurant

If you want to get a taste of that modern Nordic cuisine that has everyone going, but find places like Noma to be out of your financial reach, there’s a good chance you’ll find Radio interesting!

Radio Restaurant

If you visit Copenhagen, you should not miss the chance to dip into the large pool of extremely high quality restaurants that are scattered all over the city. The Michelin guide will give you some direction, but there are also a large number of restaurants the Michelin people have overlooked for one reason or the other, but still have the sufficient level of quality to impress. An example of one such restaurant is Radio.


Radio is one of the newest offerings on the gastronomic scene in Copenhagen, having opened only this summer on Frederiksberg, just by the old radio building, hence the name of the place. The people responsible are the young, ambitious pair of Jesper Kierketerp (previously at Geranium) and Rasmus Kliim (previously at Geist), who have opened the joint in partnership with none other than Mr. Claus Meyer, who – for those that don’t know – is one of the kingpins behind the World’s best restaurant, Noma.




And while Radio openly places itself in a completely different – and logically lower –league to Noma, it still isn’t necessarily superfluous to talk about similarities regarding the two restaurants. Thus, they both take their starting point in Nordic cuisine, using high quality, in-season ingredients from local suppliers,and prepare them in an impressive, and extremely delicious fashion. And infact, to pinpoint the freshness that characterizes the ingredients used at Radio, the larger part of their vegetables are produced at their very own organic farm, located just outside of the city. How ever even with homegrown veggies, it is of course beyond debate that Noma isundisputedly in a league of it’s own – but Radio offers a great alternative in Nordic food at half the price.


Part of the reason why they are able to deliver high-quality food at a relatively low price– five meals with matching wines ring in at approximately € 100 – is that their concept is that you don’t spend several hours consuming your meals, and thus they are able to turn the tables a few times during a single night. The level of service is professional and impeccable, but with the single limitation that you will be expected not to occupy your table for an entire night. And let this also serve as a sort of warning, because naturally not everyone can accept thissort of semi-rushed service, which has also lead to a few customers – unknowing of this concept prior to visiting Radio ­– having left the restaurant with abad taste in their mouth; not because of the food, mind you, but because of ruptured expectations.


Anyhow, if you can live with having to drink your coffee elsewhere, and if your main objective is to enjoy a perfectly prepared feast, without having to consult your bank first, Radio surely is a place that deserves a recommendation – and at the end of the day, is it not for the food one would visit a restaurant?

19 / 06 / 2012 // by Soren Romer


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