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“Let them eat cake“ – five bakerettes conquer Copenhagen

A private room in the north of Nørrebro filled with colourful flowers, good-looking people with smiling faces, tuneful music – and floating above all the wonderful smell of freshly baked cake — this is Sweet Sneak Sunday in Copenhagen.

“Let them eat cake“ – five bakerettes conquer Copenhagen

For almost two years now, five girls – named Antje, Brini, Katrin, Theresa and Martje – have been organising this very special get-together, called Sweet Sneak. Once a month, they invite friends, family and all other cake-lovers, to enjoy their scrumptious goods. It all emerged out of the pure passion for baking and tasting cakes, biscuits, muffins & Co., and turned into a long-awaited Sunday happening for a growing cake-community.




Two weeks prior the event, the girls send out a “save the date“-note via Facebook, but without mentioning the direct location. The location of a Sweet Sneak pop-up bakery is always a secret until just two days before the happening. It could be a private room, an art gallery, a bar or even a very special place like the rooftop of a public playground – wrapped in a mystery to increase the general anticipation. Even the world famous Roskilde Festival had become aware of the Sweet Sneak society and had invited the bakeresses to have their own stall at the festival site, which the four described as great fun.






Sweet Sneak is all about cosiness, sharing delightful moments and eating tons of good cake, just like in the olden days in grandma’s kitchen. It is the whole experience of an afternoon with Sweet Sneak that makes big companies and many others be interested in this young concept. It is not difficult at all, to get good cake in Copenhagen but it is the special spirit of a lived and heartfelt project that you can buy at Sweet Sneak. Similar to food events in Berlin, like Burgers & Hip Hop or Street Food Thursday, the phenomenon of Sweet Sneak creates a world you love to dive into. Interesting, creative people coming together, enjoying good food and embracing the pure happiness of life. It’s a side step that creates the delightful feeling of secureness and cherishing moments in our busy everyday life. The girls of Sweet Sneak have just met this ‘Zeitgeist’ and provided it with a sugar loaf.



Credit: all images by Sweet Sneak



- By Julia Fricke

31 / 01 / 2015 // by LigaStudios Team


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