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Sounds of Summer 2015

Atmospheric tunes for this season’s long days and balmy nights.

Sounds of Summer 2015

From Icelandic vibes to Senegalese soul, easy going electro to unearthly acoustic, we present you our favourite playlists worth listening during the hot summer days. Lie back and let the long grass tickle your ears, with the soundtrack to the sunshine.


LIGANOVA Summer Breeze

The seasonal mixtape “Summer Breeze” by LIGANOVA has all the ingredients of a blissed out summer. Lie back and let the long grass tickle your ears, with the soundtrack to the sunshine.




Prolific neo-folk artist Sufjan Stevens features twice on the summer playlist, with tunes from his new album. Title track Carrie & Lowell is a delicate and harmonious affair that somehow sums up the fleeting melancholy of summer. Drawn To The Blood takes influence from melodious bands like The Shins, before breaking into a big orchestral finish.



Elderbrook’s Could encapsulates the season’s sense of anticipation, with James-Blake-esque vocals beneath an accomplished electro beat. Like the best nights out, this tune is a slow burner, perfect for rooftop drinks with sweeping city views and an exhilarating breeze. Das Hobos’ White Lines is an inventive cover of Grandmaster & Melle Mel’s seminal 1983 single. This folky interpretation is mellow and harmonica-tinged, with just the right amount of self-awareness. Turn up the volume and enjoy listening!




Freunde von Freunden - Mixtape

The lifestyle connoisseurs at Freunde von Freunden have as good taste in music as they do in design. Their Mixtapes section is packed full of inspiring tunes for a variety of seasons and themes by the whole FvF team and friends.






COS - Selected Sounds

The impeccable minimalistic brand identity of Cos also spills over into music. The latest playlist they've created is including curated songs they’ve used in their recent floaty sonic installation with NYC design firm Snarkitecture as part of Milan Design Week.






Cereal - Spring Playlist 2015

The tunes of the beautiful biannual travel and style magazine Cereal are diverse and eclectic, conjuring up lofty accompaniments to the seasons, as well as some cool collaborations with up-and-coming artists like Mark Johns, KOA and The Golden Boy in their spring playlist.






iD - Monthly Mixtape

Predictably, fashion influencers iD are ahead of the curve when it comes to contemporary culture, music included. Their Mixtapes are released monthly and feature the canny magazine’s selection of the best new music from a diverse range of genres. The last issue includes brand new tunes from legends De La Soul and Nas as well as from Warren Xclnce with a soulful cut.






Further favourite playlists to listen to on Spotify:


Coachelle 2015 by Vogue NL – The sounds of Vogue


Summer by Codé Nast Traveller


Business Pop – Huy's Selection by Business Punk

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