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There’s nothing new about a bunch of business people getting together and furthering their fortunes over a glass of whiskey or wine. What is novel is the 21st-century iteration of this age old tradition, which leverages the perks of coworking—complete with added diversity, connectivity and a dose of millennial self-awareness.


12 Hay Hill, London

A business club for entrepreneurs as well as those working for new and established global companies, 12 Hay Hill is a haven of luxury and exclusivity. Tucked away in plush Mayfair - where else? - the club teeters on the boundary between conventional indulgence and a pared down postmodernism. The fortunate few who get to pass its threshold have access to various boardrooms, a Michelin-starred chef and a private terrace overlooking Berkeley Square.



Credit: 12 Hay Hill 


Tower Club, Singapore

Often referred to as the gateway to Asia, Singapore is an important hub for intercontinental business. The Tower Club is located within a skyscraper at the nucleus of the CBD, with views befitting the modern-day masters of the universe who do deals within its walls. With dining, drinking and meeting options, the club’s approach strikes just the right chord, fusing Oriental and Occidental tastes from decor to gastronomy.


CUB, Melbourne

Actively connecting influential business leaders, CUB started out in Sydney in 2014 as Australia’s corporate connections with China saw the fortunes of both countries soar. The contemporary space includes all the requisite features for strategic networking in a high-end setting - as well as harbouring some ambitions for international expansion. But first, a Melbourne club is slated for opening in2017, further fuelling the antipodean ascent.



Credit: CUB


The Battery, San Francisco

Set in a century-old marble factory, The Battery, despite its red leather and dark wood furniture, is a symbol of the new San Francisco. Designed for the monied tech community that’s flocked to the area, the club combines decadent drinking and dining with space for other offline pastimes such as poker and spa treatments. Access is coveted and gained via nomination by an existing member, only adding to the sense of exclusivity. 



Credit: The Battery

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