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A selection of stop-offs for your urban valley adventures, from the visionary to the vanguard.


The digital city needs physical spaces more than ever, and these groundbreaking concepts and stores answer that demand. From a testing ground for emerging hardware to a walk-in workplace to a destination-defining boutique, we present the places to explore in and around the Valley right now.


B8ta Store

Sometimes, a concept can only develop through real-world use. What if there were a physical store where people could interact and engage with brand new tech products, while empowering makers by involving them in the process? Oh, wait, there already is. Showcasing items from unconventional wearables to connected home devices and the latest in educational tech, Beta is up and running in Palo Alto, Santa Monica and Seattle, with stores in Austin and San Francisco due to open very soon. 


Credit: b8ta


Hero Shop

Founded by former Vogue editor Emily Holt, Hero was conceived as a store to represent the city - to encapsulate its style and approach to life in an abstract yet unmistakable way. Holt, a Bay Area native, understood that San Francisco was lacking a destination-defining store, and set about creating a curated fashion and lifestyle boutique to fill that gap. As traditional life boundaries dissolve, travel, shopping, sightseeing and leisure become one. And Hero is where they converge.



Credit: Hero Shop



A self-titled “wide-open workspace”, HanaHaus is set in Palo Alto in the heart of Silicon Valley. The vast, multifunctional space offers workspace in a variety of options, from private to collaborative, as well as a cafe serving Blue Bottle coffee. Designed for entrepreneurs and creatives of all kinds to use on an ad hoc basis, the vibe is one of freedom and informality - providing the preconditions for both focus and inspiration.


Header Credit: HanaHaus




02 / 05 / 2017 // by LigaStudios Team

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