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We continue our journey through the wonderful world of collaborative innovation.


The next installment of our series on corporate partnerships that break the mould sees the ever-inspired Uber’s join forces with a luxury fashion giant and Deutsche Bahn shift Germany’s infrastructure up a gear with none other than Elon Musk’s Hyperloop. Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, influencer marketing changes shape once again.


Uber x Hugo Boss

Uber logistical prowess began as a fortuitous side effect, but these days, ride sharing represents only a fraction of what the company can do. With a global fleet of connected cars, Uber is uniquely placed to facilitate omni channel retail – and that’s exactly what they’re doing in this new team-up with Hugo Boss. The partnership, dubbed Boss on Demand and right now only available in America, lets the retailer front transportation costs to and from the physical store, where the already registered customer has a pre-booked appointment with a stylist or consultant. A loyalty scheme running in parallel offers exclusive experiences such as test driving top-of-the-range cars.



Credit: Hugo Boss


Deutsche Bahn x Hyperloop

Conceived as a transportation network that moves people and goods in capsules at eye-popping speeds through custom-made tunnels, Hyperloop is led by none other than Silicon Valley visionary Elon Musk. Though that final futuristic iteration is a way off yet, the company has recently partnered with Deutsche Bahn to create an “innovation train”, which will incorporate technology such as augmented reality windows and what they call a “digital eco system”. The partnership is a way for Hyperloop to fund development of its central goal, while Deutsche Bahn benefit from the organisation’s advanced tech known-how.



Credit: Hyperloop


Den Haag x Beach Houses

Influencer marketing is huge right now and interesting innovations abound. Destinations in particular are seeing big advantages in working with travel bloggers, who extoll the virtues of a place to their vast audiences. Earlier this year, The Hague opened the Netherlands’ first blogger house, a ready-made coworking and coliving space especially for visiting influencers. With an impressive waterfront location, the Beach House is available to travel bloggers invited by Den Haag Marketing, and is designed to facilitate inspiring engagement with the city, as well as an environment conducive to creating and sharing online content.


TEHaagse Strandhuisjes (april 2016) - Foto Maurice Haak (11a)


LHaagse Strandhuisjes (april 2016) - Foto Maurice Haak (7)

Credit: Maurice Haak

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