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Luxury, Redefined: The Hotel As Experience Curator

The hospitality industry responds to demand for experiential, immersive travel.

Luxury, Redefined: The Hotel As Experience Curator

Hotels are no longer just about products and services. Beyond plush bedrooms and indulgent spa facilities, accommodation providers are restyling themselves as curators of experiences: local experts with money - can’t-buy connections and the power to transform travel. From food and drinks to engaging with communities, the key is immersion and it’s all part of the new definition of luxury.


Airbnb Experiences

Hanging with your host is often one of the best parts about Airbnb-ing. An open-hearted, friendly local with deep knowledge of the neighbourhood, their very presence can transform a trip. With its newly launched ExperiencesAirbnb has formalised this strength, offering guests the opportunity to explore destinations with passionate local experts. Hang loose with a surfer in LA, explore Mother Nature in San Fransisco on a three-day trip hosted by “mindful mavens”, get under the skin of Havana’s music scene with a singer, or learn Kintsugi pottery with a master in Tokyo.



Credit: Zen Explorers San Fransisco by Airbnb


InterContinental Insider Experiences

Designed to embody the “quintessential glamour” of the InterContinental brand identity, the hotel group’s Insider Experiences works with locals of note to create exceptional encounters with a strong connection to place. Examples include a private visit to the workshop of renowned watchmaker Laurent Ferrier in Geneva and a music tour of Vienna with none other than the great-great-grandson of Johann Strauss Sr.


Credit: InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts


Design Hotels Original Experiences

In keeping with Design Hotels’ talent for standing out from the crowd, the group’s Original Experiences collection is a masterclass in the power of storytelling. In this context, the experience can’t be separated from the product. The hotel itself becomes a character in the narrative, where the visitor plays a starring role. Incorporating the unique personality of the property, insight from its owner and drama from its location, each Original Experience is had simply by being immersed in the hotel and its stories.



Credit: Eremito Hotelito del Alma, Italy; Courtesy of Design Hotels


Four Seasons Extraordinary Experiences

Just like their hotels, Four SeasonsExtraordinary Experiences are a cut above. Think of once-in-a-lifetime adventures - the kind of stories you tell at dinner parties; the kind that make your Instagram followers green with envy. Whether it’s a helicopter trip to a natural spa, a private night at the opera or a Maldivian island all to yourself, these experiences are the height of exclusivity. And thanks to social media, the memories remain long after the moment is over.


Credit // Header: Four Seasons

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