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Interview with Dr. Alexandra Valtin

After the Escada Sport fashion show presented as part of Berlin Fashion Week, LIGANOVA talked with Alexandra Valtin, Director Marketing and Communications,about the inspiration behind the collection, the collaboration with the Berlin start-up company Couture Society, and about what will be next...

Interview with Dr. Alexandra Valtin

The Escada Sport Fashion Show S/S 2012 took place in Stadtbad Oderbergerin the Berlin district of Prenzlauer Berg – some distance away from the IMG tent located at the Brandenburg Gate. Why did you choose this particular location?

We looked for a location that would allow us to interpret the theme of the  collection “The Magic of the Medina” in a modern way. The historic Stadtbad Oderberger provided the perfect framework.




Where did the designers get their inspiration for the collection theme “The Magic of Medina“? How did it come about?

The Escada Sport design team were inspired by a trip to Marrakesh; Morocco’s most modern oasis. Alongside a palette of different beige tones, the collection experiments with the vibrant colours of blue andred, inspired by the reflection of the Moroccan sun. Flashes of  neon provide some unexpected highlights. The look is relaxed. Floor-length dresses and wide  trousers reflect the mood. The prints depict elements of shadow plays. A lightness of volume runs throughout the look, as austere geometry meets soft colours. The interplay of patterns and ornament together with henna details are expressions of the fashionable style of the Escada Sport woman.




How were the Moroccan influences of the Escada Sport S/S Collection 2012 realized within the event?

In Stadtbad Oderberger, the inspiration of Marrakesh was interpreted in a very modern way. As guests arrived the interior of the building was bathed in a diffused sunlight. The  fashion show  started and ended with the opening and closing of a huge Moroccan-style wooden door. The  catwalk was covered with a thin sheet of water which sparkled and shimmered with a deep, luminescent blue. Even the music for the show by DJ Alex Wolff reflected subtle touches of Moroccan influences.




Escada experimented with some new approaches during Fashion Week,including a collaboration with the Berlin start-up company Couture Society: immediately after the show, three outfits were sold exclusively online. Up until now, Escada has been practically unavailable over the internet – how did the collaboration come about?

The idea for the  collaboration was actually a very spontaneous one. I have known one of the founders of Couture Society, Alexander Schimkat, for years and we developed the project together. The project was a big success for both of us. The runway looks were sold out in less than thirty minutes. We will definitely contemplate a further collaboration in the future.




Do you have a favourite piece within the Spring/Summer collection?

Yes, my personal favourite is the long, white shirt-blouse dress made of cotton satin.




This is the second time Escada has presented its sport collection as part of Berlin Fashion Week. What is planned for the future? Are there any more exciting projects scheduled for Escada / Escada Sport outside of Fashion Week?

Our main focus until the end of the year is the expansion of our store network. In this year alone we are investing around 20 million Euros to furnish 50 of our own stores (30 new and 20 renovations) and 20 Franchise stores (10 new and 10 renovations) with the new store design. This means that during the course of this year we will be holding store openings in a number of different locations including Shanghai, Tokyo und Barcelona.



15 / 08 / 2012 // by LigaStudios Team


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