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Elin Kling

Der Stil der schwedischen Bloggerin Elin Kling hat eine Menge Modefans und schaffte es sogar bis zur eigenen Minikollektion für H&M. Neben ihrem erfolgreichen Modeblog Style by Kling & der Printausgabe Style by, lancierte die Stilikone letztes Jahr ihre eigene Modelinie.

Elin Kling

What was your aim when you decided to write your own blog  Style by Kling? How did blogging change your life?

It was actually a friend who kind of forced me in to it... ha-ha. I’m pretty happy that he did that. I guess I should send him flowers or something. To run my own blog was perfect to show what I go for. The industry started to notice my blog, and obviously liked it. From that I’ve been working with TV for Sweden’s largest network, been the fashion-editor for Sweden’s largest newspaper and now I’m launching my own fashion magazine, Style by. I’m also the founder of Fashion Networks with my partner Christian Remröd; a web-platform for fashion that you for sure will see more of in the future. But you always have to surprise the people you work for, always give a little bit more, be focused and put your job first. 


Elin, you were the first fashion blogger worldwide who designed an exclusive collection for H&M. How did it feel?

It's a big honour, and it has been a dream coming true. And I think it means a lot for the fashion blog-industry, which is huge but not really accepted. In Sweden fashion bloggers get more respect today then two years ago, and this is another big step. The industry has a way to see fashion bloggers as one product. It’s like comparing daily, weekly and monthly magazines. It’s up to each one to create your own blog, and that’s actually also what I like about it, there are no rules. But it’s also important to remind yourself that your blog is a very strong CV, so don’t waste it.




What’s your favourite piece? How did you prepare for this collaboration?

I’ve been working very close with the H&M design team for nearly a year. I guess my favourite piece is the necklace, or the long dress. The collection is exclusive to Sweden. 


How would you describe your style in three words?

Scandinavian. Minimalistic. Wearable.




Who’s your favourite designer at the moment? Favourite upcoming Swedish designer?

I’m always inspired by Margiela. In Sweden we do have a lot of talent; right now Rodebjer is very interesting.


Do you have a fashion role model?

Actually no, I get inspired by travel, movies, people, furniture.


Your favourite piece at the moment?

A beige tight body to wear with tight blue jeans. But I’m also very into leather


You would never leave the house without...

My phone. I check my e-mails every second minute.


Do you have an attribute others would not expect?

Well I can hypnotize chickens. I guess that would be something! I grew up on a farm so I guess I didn’t have so much to do.





Which blogs do you prefer to read yourself?

I like streetstyle blogs like Jak&Jil, but apart from that I don’t read that many blogs. Both my sisters are blogging about their family life, and that is the best reading I can get online.


Your favourite international metropolis and why?

New York, because that city has everything. Even if it’s also a very unnatural city with so much focus on career. But it’s not a city I want to get old in.




You are Fashion Director of your very own fashion magazine Style by launched in last March. Besides the printed issue also serves as a digital magazine. What is your inspiration behind it? What makes it special and unique?

Well, it’s an easy solution actually. We wanted to focus on print, and I run my blog on my own website. When we discussed about different magazine web-platforms we realized kind of quick that everybody kind of has the same information. We thought it would be cool to run the website through our mobile phones, where the readers can follow me and Styleby’s editor-in-chief through our daily life working at a fashion magazine. A feed where everything is here and now and where the pictures aren’t retouched. I want to chair the reality, not the polished reality.


What’s your personal formula for success? Which aim is going to be next?

A lot of work, and love what you are doing. Never get satisfied, always go for making the products you working for even better.


Thank you, Elin!



19 / 06 / 2012 // by LigaStudios Team


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