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After yesterdays first part of the interview with the multifaceted Artist, in which we talked mainly about her past, today it's all about her inspiration and plans for the future


What inspires you?
My mother, or as I call her Mammasita, inspires me. She is an incredible woman. She is the reason I started VK Lillie, and Vk Lillie is the reason I'm on a wonderful path of giving back. It is the most amazing inspiration and gift. Nature also inspires; people, places, cities, music, dancing, art. This world has so many inspirations. And in fact I think the goal in life and ones works should be to inspire each other - constantly!






Despite photography you are doing many other things, one is designer jewelry and you have your own brand VK Lillie, how did that happen?
Vk Lillie started like every thing, with an idea. I was trying to think how I could help my Mammasita finically. As she is an incredibly talented woman it wasn't hard to find a way. I grew up making medicine bags with my Mammasita and I thought this would be a good moment to bring them to the fashion world. Originally I thought she could just send me her medicine bags and I would sell them to stores etc. But this didn't happen and wouldn't really have worked anyways. So almost three summers ago now I sat down and started to sow. To be honest the collection just came. Three separate collection, ranging from basic, to the middle, "classic", (which is how I was raised making them) and then to more extravagant "finger tip" line. Creating Vk Lillie was a true gift, going back to my roots and working with my mammasita has brought so much beauty into my life. Its truly a blessing and has helped guide me in my life and photography as well.
Im also working on some collaborations with other artists and perhaps venturing more into performance and dance, which is super exciting as well. Photography will always be my first love, but the older I become the more I realize that I cannot do just one thing, in fact everything I do contributes to everything else I do, moving towards one common goal - spread love, inspire, and celebrate life.



What is the most exciting place/city you have been too?
This is a hard question. For me it depends on the moment in my life. When I was 18 and knew no one, Florence was super exciting. Moving to Milan at 19 was scary but also super exciting. Paris at 26 - WOW!!!! my dream!! what a moment in my life.... New York - boom boom boom super duper fast paste exciting non stop. Now in BERLIN - it just feels perfect and perhaps the most exciting yet! It's all relative really. Of all the cities Paris and Berlin are my favorites so far. They actually share something similar that is hard to put into words.

Which accessories come always with you, doesn’t matter where you are and what you do?
Camera, computer, Jewelry supplies & of course my medicine bag. Like this, I can live ANYWHERE, complete freedom!
If your life had a soundtrack, which one would it be?
For the moment I'm really inspired by a young DJ & producer named Egon Elliut, the song called "TIME" - I love! Also Pantha Du Prince & Miles Davis are rocking my world along with the AMAZING Alice Coltrane.
What is next? Any travel plans? Events?
So many!!!!!! Paris, then Venice for the Biannale, then NY, LA, NY again, for fashion week, Milan, Paris, where I will be presenting my once a year collection of VK Lillie, then BACK To Berlin! The city where the Magic is really happening in my opinion. I think that the middle of January will find me in MEXICO. Then....???? Do it all over again.
And anywhere else the wind might take me!
Living life to the fullest and loving it!


Thank you so much Kira Lillie for your time.

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