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Multisensory Design, from Munich to Milan

Catching up with jewelry creator Saskia Diez ahead of Milan's massive annual design event

Multisensory Design, from Munich to Milan

 A skillful manipulator of shapes and textures, Saskia Diez is a renowned jeweler based in Munich who creates unique pieces, often from recycled metals. Her atelier also produces perfumes and accessories popular all over the world. We caught up with Diez ahead of Milan Design Week to talk about her work, inspirations and top tips for the event.


Salone is a huge occasion with many composite and fringe events. What's on top of your list this year? 

I am especially excited because this year is my first time to exhibit something during the Salone myself. I´m part of the Arita 2016 project. A project celebrating the 400 years of trade of porcelain from Japan to Europe. I created a jewellery collection made of porcelain and I can’t wait to see the finished pieces. The cocktail will be Tuesday evening. As well part of the project are 15 other designers, among some that I know personally and look forward seeing: Christian Haas, Pauline Deltour, also Stefan Diez is part of it, who created a collection of dishes. I´m especially looking forward seeing Christian, for whom I was working years ago, since then we have a strong friendship. He just opened up his own design store and deli together with his partner, in Porto. Otherwise: Hay for sure, for whom Stefan did the scenario and where of course a lot of his work will be shown. Wednesday evening, there is an event hosted by Kaleidoscope and Zeit Magazine, featuring a project of Konstantin Grcic and Mirko Borsche.


How does Milan Design Week bring inspiration to you personally and professionally as a jewelry / product designer?

Traveling around seeing things is always inspiring. Seeing and meeting people turning their ideas into reality. It also shows you what to stay away from – there are always things you see too much of.


Salone attracts thousands of visitors to the city of Milan. What’s so very special about the Salone del Mobile compared to other events?

There´s a vibrant energy in the city during the Salone, everybody tries to come up with special ideas. The whole city seems to be in motion. 


Is there a place you always visit when you’re in Milan?

Bar Basso. Not always because I want to. More because everybody else goes there and refuses to try out a different bar. Some time after midnight, you´ll always end up there. 



Credit: HAY Invitation and Kaleidoscope  // Header: Saskia Diez 

18 / 03 / 2016 // by LigaStudios Team


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