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Sebastian Sauvé

The resume of the 24 year old male model Sebastian Sauvé includes quite a scope of magazine covers, campaigns for brands like Frankie Morello, Zara and Stone Island as well as runway shows for Versace, Calvin Klein and Givenchy. No wonder he’s also listed in the top 50 ranking of models.com.

Sebastian Sauvé

Sebastian, how and when did you start your modeling career?

From time to time I like to tell my alternative Hollywood version relating to this question. Although it’s pretty good, this is how it really happened: I was discovered by a cool cat named Scott who was a buddy of mine. I met him during my travels in L.A. He saw something in me and called one of his friends who worked at a model agency. The guy told me to come over but I had to go back to England because my studies started 4 days later. He recommended I should check out Premier Model Management agency in London. I finally did it - and here I am.


Did your modelling career change your life?
It didn’t a whole lot. I had to quit my job at Nando’s though. That’s a fast food chicken restaurant where I’ve been a chef and a student for years. And my sense of style has improved according to a bunch of people. 


How do your family and friends react when they see you in magazines or adverts?

Everyone supports it, enjoys it and likes talking about it, especially my mum. My friends and girlfriend joke about it but that’s what I like. We grew up making fun of each other, I’m glad modelling didn’t stop that. Well, my girlfriend calls me a stretched 10-year old. I think that covers it pretty much.



Credit // Header: Rainer Torrado via Sebastian Sauvé //  Cleon Manz 


Tell us about your first photo shoot …

My first photo shoot was a new faces editorial for Attitude magazine. I had no idea what I was doing! I was freezing, standing on a roof wearing just a kilt. I thought to think about something to affect the look they were asking for. I pretended I lost my wallet and that there was sun in my eyes. The photographer said that's it! I discovered my look and loosened up. I've been comfortable in front of a camera ever since.


What’s the most difficult shoot you’ve ever had so far?
Difficult was shooting outside, advertising summer clothes in the middle of a windy British winter - thought I was going to get frostbites! My hands clamped shut for ages.


You’re currently in a relationship, how do you deal with the long distance?

 We deal with it all well. My girlfriend and I were already 3 years together before I started modelling. So we already had a strong relationship before I turned a model. Trust, openness and joking are the key, always. And being extra-close when we’re together. 



Credit: via Sebastian Sauvé


Do you use special beauty products?
No. I only use one product for everything: Shampoo. I think it’s all the same anyway.


Your body is pretty trained. Do you exercise a lot or do you stay on diet?
I eat as often as possible, and I eat pretty much everything. I actually carry sandwich bags around with me for when I’m hungry. I do eat a lot of greens, though. Fitness-wise, I don’t do much. I’ve always had a job and that’s almost like a workout. Even now I still work at a bar just for the sake of it.



Credit: via Sebastian Sauvé


The city, you’d like to live in?

 Berlin or New York. But I also like the sound of Tokyo, Cape Town and Rio. 


What’s your view on the stereotype of models?
Depends I guess. Some of them are but not much more than any other young adult. Any male 16-24 should be considered dumb, really. Male models could be considered smarter than average on account of all the cultural knowledge we gain visiting all these places around the world.


What would your dream modelling job be?

Do the first ever photo shoot on the moon.



Credit: 1 (Fall 2012 Givenchy) + 3 (Fall 2012 Calvon Klein) via Style.com, 2 via Sebastian Sauvé

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