Lotta Nieminen

The New York based Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Art Director with Finnish roots and a bride thinking mind can transform a dry topic into a world of fruitseeds, springsex and paperdolls.

Lotta Nieminen

Lotta Nieminen is as an Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Art Director, but most notably a visual story teller, who makes us daydream about Finnish holidays, while looking at a VW wheel. In her work she explores colors, compositions and textures and finds easy visual metaphors for daily topics presented by newspapers like the Herald Tribune, the New York Times or inside the window of fashion house Hermès, just to name a few. For the traditional French company she recently created the summer window, by embracing a relaxed holiday attitude in layers of charming oceancreatures, sea marine landscapes, mountaintop's, capturing us in our summer rituals. 



Hermès 2012, Set Design: Aux Armes Etc / Photograph: Tim Gibson



Hermès 2012, Set Design: Aux Armes Etc / Photograph: Tim Gibson


After studying and working in Helsinki and New York, stations at Finnish fashion magazine ,Trendi‘ or design studios such as ,RoAndCo‘ she is now busy as a full time freelancer, realizing illustrations and graphics for a wide range of clients. Next to an illustration for ,Automatic Gearboxes‘ for VW Automobiles you can find a visual identity for an independent fashion designer or a hand embroidered wool carpet for the Finnish company "Tikau"  and it doesn't‘t seem to be mixed up at all.



Credit: Maeven 2012 (Brooklyn based Online Shop) / Lotta Nieminen



Credit // Header: Maeven 2012 (Brooklyn based Online Shop) / Lotta Nieminen


The handmade note and a ,tactile feel‘ which she finds most important, gives her work a twist and it seems as if she got influenced by both city's - Helsinki and New York: a pure and reduced style stands next to her vivid Illustrations, which leave the impression of a modern folklore and can be easily referred to Finland. All of her work is combined with a delicate sense for colors and the handmade layer, which she worked on over years by setting up a library of patterns and textures. Her Inspiration come from „beautiful clothing, old paintings, African masks, interesting furniture, breathtaking architecture“ and for sure her own color combinations, which as she states „ can be the whole starting point to a piece“.




Credit: Lotta Nieminen for Nobrow No7 (Illustration for Book "Brace New World")


And the Hedge Fond? A cake fileld with apples, pears, twigs, vegetables, getting picked by birds. A bit New York, only the finnish way. 



Credit: Lotta Nieminen - Hedge Funds for Keva Magazine 2010 (Editorial Illustration) 




Credit: Lotta Nieminen - Spring Fever 2012 (Poster Work) 

20 / 08 / 2012 // by LigaStudios Team


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