Ready for TOA

Behind the scenes at Berlin's hotly anticipated tech event.

Ready for TOA

We sat down with the organizers of Tech Open Air to find out what this year's installment has in store. 


What are the key themes covered by TOA this year, and what topics are you most excited about?

We’ll showcase some of the positive changes within the tech industry and seek to fuel the acceleration of these changes. TOA is not about a few verticals, but rather about the interaction between all the themes: How can AR and VR work with HealthTech? Can blockchain and mindfulness collaborate? Where is new mobility taking us, and what is the role of policy-makers? This is an area where TOA attendees can really learn from our main partner Daimler’s expertise in working with startups and looking for new opportunities.



Credits: Tech Open Air


Future-proofing: What new skills or insights are you looking forward to learning?

Like I said, TOA is a platform and we want to encourage all the different disciplines represented here to interact, engage and exchange. This is essential in order to help people future-proof their businesses and their lives. One thing that I have been practicing is being more mindful, so I look forward to seeing how these skills transfer to the business world, and naturally the role of blockchain in all of this as well. Blockchain is a technology that is very passionately followed here in Berlin. It will be interesting to hear what role blockchain plays in everything from art and culture to mobility and banking.




Your venue, Funkhaus, is completely unique. Are there any areas you particularly recommend to relax and hang out during the event?

This depends on what you’re looking for: If you want to connect and browse new concepts, head to the House of Tech and check out the Startup Alley. If you need a moment to collect your thoughts and write down a couple of notes, the WeWork coworking space is a great retreat. Well, TOA is also open air, so enjoy the outside and hang out in the garden by the Spree for a while. Or head to the Soundchamber near Studio 1 to disappear in a sonic landscape for a bit. The cool thing about the Funkhaus is that it offers numerous little enclaves for discovery, so see where it takes you.




Mindfulness runs through a lot of your programming this year. How does this add depth and dimension to the traditional conference experience?

We have a large open air part and a general festival feel at TOA, which allows for serendipitous encounters and meetings. We want attendees to learn something new, whether this is by listening to a fantastic speaker or connecting to someone while you are waiting at the bar at a Satellite event. The main thing for TOA is to encourage people to interact and to use the festival as a platform. Mindfulness brings a different dimension to the festival – whether you take part in our silent lunch or mediation, go to a workshop on how to create purposeful business relationships through mindfulness, or focus on the role of the physical body in space during this era of digitalization. Our program and the integration of mindfulness was a logical step to look differently at tech and what its intersections could be.



20 / 06 / 2018 // by LigaStudios Team

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