Robert Thiemann

The Editor-in-Chief of Frame Magazine about daily business, his source of creativity, City Insiders and the „Amsterdam - Inspiration Guide for Cosmopolitan Travellers“, which Frame Publishers has released in cooperation with LIGANOVA.

Robert Thiemann

Robert, Frame has been the first magazine published by Frame Publishers. How did you start and what has changed since the first issue was published over twelve years ago?

Peter Huiberts, Frame’s co-founder and publisher, and I started Frame 13 years ago under the umbrella of a small Dutch publishing house. We literally started on an Amsterdam attic, but had the idea to make an international magazine on interior design. The first issues counted not even 100 pages – all of them edited by me – and few ads. Since then almost everything has improved: issues are at least twice as thick, carry lots of advertisements, are beautifully printed on the best paper stocks, and always have spectacular covers. Furthermore the writing has improved and the content gained depth. We also have an editing team of four now, making my job easier.


Today, Frame Publishers publishes Frame, Mark and Elephant magazine. What is the difference between the three publications? Can you describe what the mags are standing for?

Each of our magazines has its own subtitle or tagline.

Frame: The Art & Visual Culture Magazine.

Mark: The Great Indoors.

Elephant: Another Architecture.


Do you have a most memorable story featured in the magazines over the last years?

I still like the interview we had with artist Olafur Eliasson a couple of years ago. The interviewer and the artists were discussing the differences between design and art. At some point Eliasson said: ‘Frame is a desperate magazine that tries with all its might to justify design’. We printed it big and bold. I like the fact that we’ve made fun of ourselves.




What does a typical day at work involve for you?

Answering dozens of emails, like everyone. Answering dozens of questions from my colleagues, like everyone. Asking dozens of questions to my colleagues, like everyone. Trying to stay sharp all the time, like everyone.


Frame is a vast source of creative inspiration for so many – but where do you turn for your own creative inspiration?

I look at other magazines, from design and architecture to art and fashion. There are always titles, articles, sections or graphics that I hope we had thought of first. Visiting fairs offers inspiration as well, as do conversations with designers. Last but not least i listen to a lot of music, see quite some movies and occasionally go to an art museum to get inspired.


Name three of your favourite art forms.

In random order: Music — Film — Food.


What would you do if you weren’t Editor-in-Chief at Frame Publishers? Any other passions?

Apart from enjoying my three favourite art forms listed above, I also like, especially in fashion stores. I have this secret dream of creating my own venue that would combine a centre for film and music with a good restaurant, bar and fashion shop. I guess it will always remain a dream.




Describe yourself in three words!

Oh. My. Gosh. And three other words: Passionate, curious and serious.


What motivates you?

I want to offer the best possible information in the most inspiring way to a worldwide audience of creative professionals. Don´t ask my why.


Together with BrandRetail Company LIGANOVA, Frame Publishers has published the “Amsterdam Inspiration Guide for Cosmopolitan Travellers”. What made you bring out a city guide, for the very first time?

It’s not that big a step from what we already do: selecting and reporting on interesting buildings and interiors world- wide. But we never had the courage to actually publish the information we already possess in the form of a city guide. So thank you for the opportunity.


What can one expect from the “Amsterdam Inspiration Guide for Cosmopolitan Travellers”? Can you reveal your personal highlight of it? How does it differ from other city guides in your opinion? What makes it special?

I very much like the fact that it’s compiled by local creatives. It makes the booklet much more personal than every other city guide. It’s like asking your friends to give you tips: They all have a different tone of voice, but exactly know what you’re interested in. The result is little waste and a lot of value. My personal highlight is that the guide lists lots of places I hadn’t even heard of before. I will be an enthusiastic user.




Tell us, as a true Amsterdam insider: What’s the city’s best kept secret?

Amsterdam’s a big name and famous all over the world, but it’s only a tiny city. When you go to Central Station, cross the river IJ by ferry and cycle just 7 minutes north, you’ll end up in the most unexpected, rural part of town. You’ll think you’re in a faraway village, but it’s still called Amsterdam.


Your favourite places in this world for... relaxing and for ...inspiration? Why?

This will not come as a surprise: music venues, film theatres and restaurants. They all offer relaxing and inspiring experiences. So do beaches, mountains, my bed and my backyard.


Your next journey is going to....

Tel Aviv, Israel. To work and relax. It’ll be my first time.


Any hints about your future plans? What’s coming next?

I’m hoping to move to Amsterdam within one year.



19 / 06 / 2012 // by LigaStudios Team


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