Interview with Rosa Park

Passionate editor of the new quarterly food and travel magazine Cereal gives a personal insight into the magazine’s publication and the face behind it…

Interview with Rosa Park

Why did you start Cereal Magazine? What did you see as its purpose or mission?

Cereal began with a love (bordering on obsession) of magazines, books, travel and food. I have always wanted to start my own magazine - and have a background in journalism and marketing - and travel and food have both played prominent roles in my life, so I combined all of these factors to create my dream publication, which is Cereal. Cereal is for everyone who loves and enjoys travel and food, and wants to know a little bit more about where they are travelling to and what they are eating and drinking. Every issue offers histories, social contexts and interesting stories surrounding these two topics.




What was your expectation for the magazine in terms of scope, longevity, etc.? 

I hope Cereal is here to stay. It's hard to know how long a publication will last at its beginning, but my intention is to keep it going for as long as i can!




What does your typical reader looks like, what kind of lifestyle does he/she live?

Our typical reader is between the ages of 25-45. He/she enjoys good travel and food, and spends a great amount of their free time pursuing these two passions. They appreciate both striking visuals and engaging written content, and is the kind of person that wants to know more about the subjects that interest them.






Name three of your favorite online blogs. Where do you get your daily dose of inspiration?

Three of my favourite blogs at the moment are: T Magazine's blog, freunde von freunden and Garance Dore.






What meaning does zeitgeist have for you?

When I hear the word zeitgeist, I immediately think of people, places and things that are currently making moves in our cultural landscape.




Do you have a most memorable story featured in the magazine over the last time?

My favourite feature from Cereal Volume 1 was one on the Nordic Food Lab. It's inspiring to be around those who are dedicating their time to researching food, pushing its boundaries, and figuring out what more can be done with it in such a scientific, disciplined manner.




Where’s the best place in the world to flip through the magazine pages?

Hmm... this is a tough one to answer. My answer would probably change every time you ask me this. But for today, how about on the beach at Hvar (Croatia)?




Are there other publishing or related projects in your future? 

There may this space!

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