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Milan’s Cultural Cup Overflows

Get your fill of the city’s booming creative scene, from bars to buildings.

Milan’s Cultural Cup Overflows

Bar Luce x Prada Fondazione

Whatever you might think about Wes Anderson (and let’s face it, he has the power to polarize), the director’s design aesthetic is famous the world over. The Prada Foundation’s Bar Luce was created by Anderson and is as colorful and quirky as you’d expect from the creator of The Grand Budapest Hotel. Having collaborated with Prada previously on commercials and a short film called Castello Cavalcanti, the bar represents a logical next step in their creative partnership. In fact, fans will notice many parallels, with design decisions inspired by Italian pop culture of the 1950s and ‘60s. As you might expect, the kitsch factor is high, but there’s no compromise when it comes to sophistication. Think mint greens, sharp lines offset by globular lights and an intricate glass ceiling. While you’re at the Fondazione, be sure to check out Thomas Demand’s installation Processo grottesco (Grotesque Process), wherein the artist recreates a Spanish grotto inspired by a postcard. Also on display areal the research materials Demand used to create the piece, offering an additional layer to the artwork and an insight into his complex creative process.



Credit: Fondazione Prada by Bas Princen



Credit: Bar Luce


Bosco Verticale

Created by Boeri Studio architects, the Bosco Verticale - literally vertical forest - was launched in 2014 and employs pioneering techniques to incorporate plant biology into the fabric of the building. Sucking in CO2 and providing a platform for biodiversity, in addition to the flora, the structure is inhabited by an estimated 1,600 specimens of birds and butterflies. Botanists and ethologists were consulted over a three-year period to make sure the optimal plants were used and at the correct heights. A beacon for Milan’s advanced design tendencies, the Bosco Verticale is well worth a visit. Step away momentarily from the chaos Design Week to ponder the importance of practically applied design to the future of cities



Credit // Header: Bosco Verticale by Poalo Rosselli

26 / 02 / 2016 // by LigaStudios Team


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