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CPH Fashion Week

Fashion week season is upon us with the Danish contribution – the Copenhagen Fashion Week – taking off on February 1 and running through February 5. Since its formal inauguration, it has been a declared goal to establish Copenhagen Fashion Week in the league just below the four big fashion weeks.

CPH Fashion Week

This season, Copenhagen Fashion Week can boast the biggest show schedule ever, with more than 40 shows taking place in the space of four days. Fans of nostalgia will be delighted to see two of Danish fashion’s grand old labels, Sand and DAY Birger & Mikkelsen, who return to the runway for the first time in several seasons. Both brands have a proud tradition and stand as two of the major contributors to the rise of Danish fashion in the 90’s - and should definitely be some of the most well attended shows during the fashion week. The DAY Birger & Mikkelsen and Sand shows both take place at the Copenhagen City Hall on Thursday, February 2 at 8 pm and Friday, February 3 at 7 pm respectively.


As usual there are also a few newcomers on the schedule, and this season a couple of the brands to venture onto the Copenhagen scene for the first time are womenswear brand Gestuz and Swedish Velour. Both brands are already well-established names in the Scandinavian fashion landscape, but have thus far opted to present their collections outside of the fashion week bonanza, and it will be interesting to see how they will take on the increased attention that will inevitably engulf a fashion week presentation.


However, even with the exciting prospect of some big guns returning to the fashion week, and some interesting new additions to the runway schedule, the real fuss is surrounding some of the young talents that have seen the light of day at the Copenhagen Fashion Week during the last few seasons. Anne Sofie Madsen (Picture 1 and 2), whose debut collection received stunning reviews six months ago, will be presenting her sophomore collection at noon on Thursday, February 2, following another young designer, jean//phillip  (Picture 3 and 4), who has also earned a reputation as a critics ’favorite with his draped and unstructured menswear. Both designers are, bearingin mind their young age and immense talent, some of the most interesting designers to follow, and are highly likely to have a few high profile attendees at their respective shows, considering the media buzz they have sparked recently.






Of course there will be plenty of other shows worth mentioning – all of which can befound on the Copenhagen Fashion Week website – but if you find your time to belimited, or simply just want to reserve some time to check out the beautiful city of Copenhagen, the shows mentioned above are ones that you cannot afford to miss, if you want to be up-to-date on the Copenhagen fashion scene. But altogether, there will certainly be enough to look out for during the first week of February 2012 when bloggers, journalists, and fashionable cosmopolites overtake Copenhagen, as Northern Europe’s biggest fashion event is carried out once more.

01 / 02 / 2012 // von Soren Romer

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