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Welcome to New York’s latest urban hideaway

Located in Long Island City, the Paper Factory Hotel offers travelers an exclusive urban place to stay

Welcome to New York’s latest urban hideaway

Just a few minutes away from Manhattan and real close to the city’s most popular tourist attractions, it is the New York home away from home – not just for art lovers, musicians and the creatively inclined. Showcasing the work of local artists throughout the hotel and original masterpieces in all guest rooms, the property mixes urban adventure with art, music and style.




Designed by Steven Wakenshaw of DHD Architects and interior designer and developer Gal Sela, The Paper Factory Hotel has been built on the premises of a thriving 100-year old paper factory. The venue, once restructured and reconverted, has turned into a multifunctional location that hosts design items and artworks that are meant to be uncovered, but all above to be lived. The Paper Factory Hotel completely overturns the architectural and structural concept of hotel space, favoring the notion of interactive setting, deriving from international glamour and lifestyle combinations. It presents an eclectic style of broad and comfortable spaces which alternate works of art and design items, while staying true to functionality.






The lobby features unconventional pieces as well as artistic elements such as walls created by old elevator doors and floors laminated in old New York City newspapers. The parquets are made of concrete, a reminiscence of the former industrial function of the edifice. A mix of old and new fashioned by the recycled wood framing the property through, to the sophisticated elements of warmth and freshness, provides the space with a dramatic flair. Once you enter the evocative metal doors, you are instantly captivated and taken into an unknown realm filled with inspiration and mystery.






Each of the 122 rooms has been devised as an autonomous and modular vital space, with inspirations and solutions ideal for every accommodation goal. The room concept is based on the urban loft where no space is rigidly divided, but the various settings merge into one another, providing a feel that you’re home away from home. Every room is different from the other with each detail thought out to create a space of warmth and panache that takes you to a place of tranquility.


A must-visit: Mundo, the restaurant and bar has been opened in summer 2014. Top quality food and extensive, classic cocktails accented in a casual, yet markedly sophisticated setting.



Credit: PR The Paper Factory Hotel


- By Gabriele Epple

09 / 02 / 2015 // by LigaStudios Team


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