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This place is so different that you just cannot call it a café. It’s an AntiCafé – a place to be creative while spending your time there.


The AntiCafé concept offers several different areas where you can take your time to work on  specific projects, prepare university coursework, or just have an inspiring chat with other creatives. At this unique location, visitors do not have to purchase coffee, tea and snacks as they would do in regular cafés. Instead of paying to consume, they are paying for the time they actually spend in AntiCafé profiting from its surroundings.



Credit: ANTICAFÉ Daniela Toma


For only a few euros, AntiCafé provides unlimited coffee, tea, various snacks and fresh fruits, as well as a fast Wi-Fi connection, allowing customers to work efficiently and constantly on their projects. As a special feature, AntiCafé also offers use of its technical equipment such as a projector, printer and scanner, as well as board games and books for taking a break. Alternatively, snacks and drinks may be brought from home to enjoy in this very open-minded and comfortable atmosphere. 



Credit // Header: ANTICAFÉ by Daniela Toma



Credit: ANTICAFÉ by Daniela Toma


AntiCafé is like a community of young and creative people who won’t accept structures as they are, but instead want to change them for the better. It’s an interesting place to meet people who are working on projects together, who want to share their knowledge and support each other and, even more importantly – who want to make the world a slightly better place. The energetic team from AntiCafé is waiting for you to come by! 


- By Daniela Schreilechner

05 / 02 / 2015 // by LigaStudios Team


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