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Kinly Bar - underground speakeasy style with communal vibes and top notch cocktails.


One more jewel in the ever-expanding crown of Frankfurt’s Bahnhofsviertel, Kinly is a bar with attitude. Styled around a prohibition-era speakeasy, with vaulted ceilings, dark wood detail and green flashes, the space accurately reflects the vibe: dark, underground, and exclusive yet unpretentious. In fact, the name is taken from an old Southern American word meaning familial.




All Credits: http://www.kinlybar.com/


The brainchild of local mixologists René Soffner and Armin Azadpour, who have already made a name for themselves with two of the city’s most well-respected cocktail bars, Roomers and The Parlour, Kinly has its own set of original quirks that are already making it famous. In keeping with the clandestine theme, guests first have to knock once at an unmarked door, before descending into the plush cellar bar. Historical references continue with the “Punch Table”, which accommodates up to eight people and houses a communal cauldron-full of spirits, sugar, fruit and spices that form a potent drink popularised in 17th and 18th century England.




Those who prefer a more individualised concoction can choose from classical like an Old Fashioned, G&T or London Buck, or something more unique and imaginative. In fact, the bar even has set of recommendation cards for guests to put forward their own drink ideas and requests. If all the booze becomes overwhelming, there’s always food at hand to soak up the spirits. Kinly serves classic hotdogs, made of local beef sausages inside unsweetened brioche. In that dim, atmospheric basement, there’s everything you need to spend a long, debaucherous night—except, perhaps, for cell phone signal, but hey, that just adds to the authenticity. 

07 / 06 / 2015 // by LigaStudios Team


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