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Train of Thought: Indulgent Railway Adventures

From icons of history to the edge of the earth, we recommend some more amazing journeys on the iron horse.

Train of Thought: Indulgent Railway Adventures

Inspiration doesn’t always happen online. Continually inspired by Gestalten’s book, The Journey, we contemplate the joys of slow travel, with these wonderful train trips that take us to all four corners of the world.


Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

No conversation about train travel is complete without a mention of the Orient Express. Synonymous with luxury and romance, the “King of Trains” was initially launched in the late 1800s to connect Paris with what was then Constantinople, connecting western Europe with the continent’s easterly edge. Though, like many great train lines, it fell out of fashion in the second half of the 20th century, in 1982 a railway enthusiast revived the Orient Express with a new route from Venice to Istanbul. Today, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, as it’s now know, has revived its iconic status through meticulously restored carriages, an old fashioned bar and five-star dining, all infused with the painful sophistication of former times.



Credit: Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. Photo by Belmond/ Matt Hind  


Kyushu Seven Stars

Hailed as Japan’s answer to the Orient Express, the Kyushu Seven Stars is a highly sought-after new experience that launched in 2013. Leveraging that famously exacting Japanese service and decked out in dark wood panelling, the SevenStars’ seven carriages wind slowly through Kyushu Island’s seven prefectures, allowing lucky passengers to alight and explore the area’s seven tourist attractions: nature, cuisine, hot springs, history, spirituality, hospitality and sightseeing.



Credit: Kyushu Seven Stars. Photo by Kyushu Railway Company


La Trochita

Patagonia has captured travellers’ imaginations for centuries, with its melancholic remoteness and vast, unchanging landscapes. La Trochita is a small, solitary train that runs 402 kilometres between the Argentinian Andes and the Patagonian plains. Spanish for “tiny gauge”, the train’s 75-centimetre rails provide a platform for colourful wooden carriages hauled by a steam locomotion. Featured in Paul Theroux’s 1978 book  The Old Patagonian Express, LaTrochita draws in passengers from across the world, attracted by a journey the author described as being “almost at the end of the world.”



Credit: La Trochita. Patagonia Express. Photo by: Artur Schodyiński 


Rovos Rail

Set up in 1989 by Rohan Vos, a South African entrepreneur, Rovos Rail traverses various routes to Namibia and Tanzania. The Pride of Africa really lives up to its name and is widely known as one of the continent’s most impressive vintage train services. Navigating the spectacular terrain at seriously slow speeds, the Rovos Rail service takes travellers from Pretoria to Cape Town in three luxuriously languorous days. Like its contemporaries, the train’s ambiance relies on nostalgic elegance, even to the extent that there’s no wifi or other modern distractions. The idea is that passengers can immerse themselves fully in the experience, the breathtaking scenery and the gastronomic offerings. 



Credit // Header: Rovos Rail

24 / 11 / 2016 // by LigaStudios Team


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